How to make money online 2023 ?

Now a days , Many people getting problem to find a way to earn/make money online 2023 without investment. Many people like students , teenager , official make money online free with 100% real method

Beware to sign up with fraud , scam company who promise to make payment. Please ensure when you give your card details

Here, Top 10 quick way without any skill you make money

Table of Contents
1. Online survey
2. Create Youtube Channel
3. Become online tutor
4. Become video gamer
5. Earn from app and website
6. Join affiliate program
7. Email marketing
8. Content writing
9. Create a podcast
10. Become your field consultant

1. Earn from Online Surveys

Survey is a simplest way to make make online. There is no skill required . You can make money by playing games , giving answer of survey , watching video and it pay you point which you can redeem for cash.

Swagbucks :

Swagbucks is a famous survey platform which give you point for playing games and watching video . Each survey give you 40 to 200 points .and you can redeem it for cash . Some survey pay you $50

Lifepoints : This is another website which give you opportunity to win point which you can redeem after certain limit similar as Swagbucks

InboxDollars : You have to watch video playing games , reading , emails , taking survey for reward 50 cents to $5 and you have to spend 2 to 25 minutes per survey .

Survey junkie : You have to spend 2 to 30 minutes to to win point and you can redeem it for cash

Opinion Outpost : You have to share insight to take point . You can redeem point via PayPal or gift cardsYou can collect 250 point per survey.

Toluna Influencers : This website is very easy to use and mobile friendly. It offers you to choose your own topic in which you are comfortable . You can win 15 to 50000 points for each survey.

Mypoint : Company offer you to answer survey . Company also offer you bonus point for shopping at their recommended retailer . $10 received as a welcome bonus at your first sign up .


  • Most of the people want to make money online but they were scam by faked company . Please ensure before you sign up with any website
  • Never pay for taking survey .Many website make promise you to pay for survey and earn money
  • Most of the people want make money instantly but you need to know it take time long

Create Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the well-known platform for making money online . You have to just create youtube channel and start making video and Ads will run on your video and google pay you for Ads . Not only Ads , You earn money through sponsorship . You can promote product of a brands and add link

in description where people easy to connect website . You can also review product for paid promotion it give you great profit . You can also collaborate with brands for yearly basis . But you have quality audience who spent more money .

Become Tutor

Become a tutor is a good option who are student and working people . You can do it part-time as well as full time . If you have experience and certificate then it pay you more than who are freshers in this field .

Certificate is no matter but it enhance your credibility infront of parents and students .You have to choose a specific subject before that you have to research reach subject is in demand . When you decided with subject you want then get certificate degree . It enhance your skills .

You can become virtual Tutor as well as home Tutor or launch your own course but launching your own course is little tech work and you have to know about it . Easiest way you can do , you can restart on any website , make profile and start teaching your students you can also teach on YouTube and make money online through ads or collaboration .

Video Game Streamer

Become video gamer is very enjoyable and easy to do . It is a money spinner who pay you a lot if your hobby is playing different games and you are good at playing games you can stream on YouTube Twitter Facebook .

You can also collaborate with other video gamer to make your content more interesting and simply run ads on your video or streaming . You can also collaborate with company and promote their products . Company pay you on your amount of audience . You can also test video games and give your review and company pay you for review . There are many website that offer you to test and make review and you can make money online

Testing Apps and website

You can earn money through testing app interface , speed , design .

Some app developer give you to test app before launch and fix these app problem according to your opinion . It takes your time between 10 to 60 minute and above you make money around 10 to 1000$ .

Join Affiliate Program

This is quickest way to make money if you have a good number of audience if you have no audience but having a good number of friends on social media either Facebook or Instagram you can make money through affiliate marketing simply sign up for affiliate program and feel the form. After sign up create product link and copy it and share it on social media and between friends .

Email Marketing

If you have social media account and good amount of friend and follower than you can do email marketing and earn money easily . Simply you have to collect email . Go to your social media account and browse your friend list and their account and click on more info . There you find your friend email , simply copy paste on notepad .

Now you can do affiliate marketing , promote product , services , membership . You can also sell your product . LIC membership is great option for email marketing . Just register yourself and send LIC membership through email marketing .

Content Writing

Content writing is a great in demand option in any field content writer is required . If you love to write then content writing is for you . You can choose a specific topic in which you have enough knowledge . there are thousand website which offer you a good amount of money . You can sign up with those website and start earning money . you can start freelancing work .

There are some famous website like Fiver and Upwork but fever is most common website among freelancers and fever is easy to start your work there is no limit to earn . It pay you work per hour

Beware of fraud website who promise you to pay more money for less hours .

Create Podcast

Podcast means you telling something but in audio format . Now a days podcast is loved more than video animation . Housewife who work in kitchen enjoy podcast a lot . Podcast is essential in car . People love to hear podcast in car .

You can create your own podcast or sign up with some website who gave you option to create podcast. You can choose your category before you start creating podcast and do some research , how to create podcast

Become your field consultant

Field consultant on up to 10,000 per advice depend upon customer and problems you need to expert in a specific field if you are in job then you can do it has part time

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public relation
  • Law

These are most in demand if you have knowledge and degree in this field then you can easily become a consultant don’t worry if you do not have skills and degree you can become relationship consultant or any field you belong to

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